About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Yuval4461 Diamonds Jewelry shop!  A beautiful diamond jewelry for every event at affordable prices!

Our office is located at a key location and provides diamond jewels to Diamond dealers & stores around the world.

We lunched this new online shop on shopify platform after selling Diamonds Jewelry on eBay and Etsy platforms for over 10 years. Due to continuing increase of those platform's fees which led to increase of the final cost to the buyer, we have decided to lunch our own web site store to sell directly to the end user with lower better prices.

We have a broad variety of diamonds on this new store, and we also encourage you to check out our eBay and Etsy stores’ additional diamond jewelry options. If you find something you like there, we can make an offer for you in this platform as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about it.

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We are highly motivated to sell high quality products at great prices! We love diamonds and we want you to experience and enjoy our professionalism. We are involved on every step of the diamond jewel manufacturing, including picking the best diamond for you, so that you get a complete product satisfaction.

We offer FREE resizing.


We use Gemological Laboratories that offers superior service when it comes to grading and certifying diamonds.

Registration: All diamonds are identified and registered with a diamond identification number as soon as it is brought into the Laboratory. This ensures that a record of your stone will always be accessible.

Weight and Measurements: The Diamonds weight and measurements are recorded by our precise equipment.

Cut Grading: There are many measurements that need to be recorded in order to assess the diamonds cut grading. The measurements taken are the diamonds culet size, girdle, table etc.

Clarity Grading: Each diamond is assigned a clarity grading to determine where the stone has imperfections. The diamond is analyzed microscopically by our experts and markings of these imperfections are precisely hand drawn on each certificate.

Color Grading: By industry standards GIL evaluates the color of the diamond according to the color scale.

Some of the jewelry in our shop, have Diamonds with GIA certifications

Our Diamonds Jewelry are perfect for an engagement, anniversary, marriage gift, or any other occasion. Make It Yours!